Commercial Concrete

Give Your Business a Boost with a Commercial Concrete Installation

Improve your curb appeal in Euclid, OH, Mentor, OH, Cleveland, OH and Surrounding Areas

The outside of your business is what attracts customers. If you have cracked, damaged sidewalks and a parking lot full of potholes, customers won't be happy. Get commercial concrete repair services for your business in Euclid, Ohio. Cemex Construction Corporation can repair your damaged concrete to improve your business' curb appeal.

You don't have to put up with damaged concrete on your property. Call us today to set up your commercial concrete installation.

Concrete structures are common for businesses

Concrete structures are common for businesses

Concrete is a common material for business structures. It's durable, long-lasting and versatile. We offer commercial concrete installation, repair and replacement services to improve the look and functionality of your business.

We use concrete for...

  • Parking lots.
  • Shipping and loading docks.
  • Patios.
  • Machine pads.
  • Warehouse floors.

Broken concrete reflects poorly on your business. Schedule your commercial concrete repair in Euclid, Ohio today by calling 440-449-0872.